PenAir Travel Bank

Welcome to PenAir's Travel Bank!

Travel Bank is an account that allows you to manage your credits with PenAir. It replaces Air Transportation Vouchers (ATV’s) that you may have received in the form of a paper voucher. If you received a credit from a PenAir flight, you would have also received an email with login information to access your Travel Bank Account.

To book and pay using Travel Bank Credits, simply login to your Travel Bank Account and book a flight on or by contacting our reservation office at 1-800-448-4226 for further assistance.

For Tickets purchased using Travel Bank Credits, when you change your travel plans and the ticket needs to be refunded or exchanged, the outstanding balance is credited back to the Travel Bank account. Tickets purchased solely using Travel Bank Credits may be refunded and exchanged online. *Applicable fare rules and conditions will govern reservation changes.* If you have used Travel Bank Credits and a credit card as combined payment for your ticket, please contact us at 1-800-448-4226 and we will assist you in processing your refund. Travel Bank Credits may only be combined with a credit card payment.

Refunds balances are credited to a Travel Bank account as 'soft' dollars that can only be used to purchase a new ticket anywhere PenAir flies except for flights to and from Dutch Harbor.

*Tickets purchased with Travel Bank credits are subject to the contract of carriage and to the applicable fare rules*

For more information on Travel Bank, please contact us at 1-800-448-4226 or visit our FAQ page located under resources.